Kevin is a US native who divides his time between Dublin, Ireland, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the author of three novels: Song for Katya, a love story set in the Soviet Union during the frigid years of the Brezhnev regime; The Rizzoli Contract, a political thriller set in 1980s Boston; and Reach the Shining River, an urban crime drama about money, race and class set in Kansas City in 1935. He has also published This Ain’t No Video Game, Kid, a novel for young adults set in Seattle, and two books for young readers, The Powers and Pucker Power, stories about a bumbling family of Irish superheroes and their pugnacious pug.

Kevin’s nonfiction includes The Cops Are Robbers, an account of New England’s largest bank burglary, which was made into an NBC Movie of the Week, and The Bird Era, a history of the Boston Celtics basketball team from 1978 to 1988. He also writes extensively about jazz and American literature.

In September, the Irish publisher Little Island will publish Kevin’s tenth book and their first adult novel – A Lonely Note, the story on an Iraqi boy struggling to find acceptance in an American high school, which the Dublin Review of Books has described as “gripping, engaging and beautifully written.”

Click here to view Kevin’s author page on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kev,

    Came across you via DRB.ie – great posts, I love the “jazz baseball murder” tagline, and the first chapter’s opening too (“It was Wardell found the body”). It got had hook line and sinker. Looking forward to reading a lot more.

    – Mel

    PS: I don’t mean to sound picky but your words really do count – if you’re ever thinking of a new template for the blog, I’d love one which shows far more of your posts’ actual text. The top grey navigation “banner” fills half my laptop’s screen (admittedly my browser is set to quite large type) and it’s a bit like reading a broadsheet through a letterbox.

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